The How

Your team will be taught HOW to dress for their body types & lifestyles.

The When

They will also learn WHEN to dress formal, business casual or casual and how to present themselves in a professional manner.

The Where

They will learn WHERE to shop and how to start building a professional wardrobe.

The Result

Most of all, your team will walk away feeling confident in how to present themselves in a professional, work environment.



Sessions that are formatted to fit your business's needs, priorities, and culture. 

A professional development session with the Just Better Styling team will provide a great opportunity for team building and education and will also equip your employees with the foundation they need to feel more confident in their professional appearance and start building a wardrobe tailored to success! 

Style experts based in Fredericton, NB serving the Maritimes. 

For You. For Business. For Life.

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